It’s Training Camp Time!!!

Today is the beginning of that big fat training week that everyone dreads heading into an Ironman distance race..  The best part of PEAK week is that you know after this week is done and in the books, the taper begins and you are on the home stretch!.. Right?!!

For me, because I have been training and racing Ironman distance events for the last 10 years, this week is bitter sweet for me.  It marks the end of the big hours before race day and really I love training.  I love the endurance miles and how it keeps me strong and feeling young.  I don’t want this week to end.. So my advice to everyone this week, embrace and enjoy this week and soak it all in!! This week is truly hard and depending on the elements, it can make the week that much more tough if you are dealing with heat, winds, rain, etc.  Try not to think negative, push all those dark thoughts away! Find the joy and enjoy the journey and put it all into perspective.  Try to get as many athletes as you can together to train side by side, remind each other how strong we are and remember to take in the scenery around you. On race day, you will literally blink and the day will be over.

There are millions of people in this world that would give anything to be in your shoes… To have the freedom to participate in sport and to participate without fear of war, famine, rules, restrictions, disabilities, illness, time, financial limitations.. The list is endless!  You are participating because YOU CAN!!  When you are feeling those dark places creeping in think of how truly blessed you are and stop looking at the numbers on the watch, or in training peaks, or on your Garmin and look around you while you are swimming in that lake, riding on that bike course, and running in those trails just how incredibly beautiful our training world is!!..  Trust me! By the time race week comes and goes and it’s Monday morning after the race you will be wishing you had not been so focused on race day and had enjoyed the journey just a little more.

So if you are wondering what to do this week.. Starting Friday I will be out on the Ironman Canada, Whistler race course holding the last training camp before taper starts!  I will be your training Sherpa for 3 full days of swimming in Alta Lake, riding the Sea to Sky corridor, and running on our infamous valley trails where the official run course takes place.

If you are interested in attending my final training camp, message me and I will give you the details!


There is Nothing Like Training Support!

It takes a community to train an Ironman athlete!


Today I was so fortunate to have my middle son accompany me on my long run through the humid, hot, west coast trails on the IMC Whistler run course.  Initially Nathan thought we were going to be gone just over two hours.. He was just home from working in 39’C weather and really just wanted to be still and chill.  Instead his mom talked him into being her training Sherpa for a couple hours, carrying a camel back full of fluids, Honey Stinger gummies, and some BASE Salts.

As we made our way through the run course route, I gradually had him convinced into staying with me for the full three hours.. A little sharing of my Honey Stingers might of helped keep him with me!  When I told him we were at the 21km mark he could not believe how fast time flew.  He was amazed at the endless trail system and was introduced to ‘new to him’ trails and hidden swimming holes that he had no idea existed!

The never ending Valley Trail is truly
Whistler’s most spectacular training mecca for all athletes and their families to enjoy riding, running, strolling, animal watching, creek swimming, you name it!!  We passed by athletes and their families enjoying the rushing glacier fed creeks, lush deep green forests, Lost Lake swimming hole, three amazing golf courses, an amazing campground, beautiful chalet homes, River of Golden Dreams, it was truly breathtaking. And the views!! There is nothing like it!


Starting tomorrow, I start the last BIG week of training hours for IMC and then I will start to taper down to race day on July 26th! The countdown is on!!

Victoria Half Ironman!

Charlene, Carrie, Coach, Sommer, and Shirley pre-race!

What a spectacular weekend for my Perseverance Multisport athletes!!! We met at the race expo Saturday morning for our Swim-Bike-Run pre-race warm up and you could feel the nervous energy everywhere!  Last year, Ironman bought the LifeSport race series race and WOW!! What a difference an M-Dot race can make in just one year!  Rumours were that there were 2000 athletes participating. I think the largest this race has had in the past was 650 athletes.  Everyone was speculating on how the 42km bike loop was going to manage 2000 athletes looping 2 X around the narrow, open to traffic, bike course.  The addition of the new wave start format probably spread the athletes out somewhat. I found the course to be quite congested and had my slowest Victoria Half Bike split ever. Others felt it did not impact them at all. I think the bike crash that happened right in front of me kept me riding cautiously and reserved and therefore showed in my time.  The run was also a little more congested than last year, but the amazing trails around Elk Lake tolerated double the athletes and I did not find that as hard to navigate.  I did take a little tumble on the rock chip path around 8.5km and ended up with some nasty road rash.


A great pre-race photo of Carrie and Shirley before starting the 1.9km swim wave start. I tried to find all my athletes before starting to give them a huge hug but was unable to find them in the sea of athletes prior to the swim. Thank you Shirley for sharing your photos!



 Post race jubilation!! Deb (Head Cheermeister!), Shirley, and Coach!

Deb was unable to race this weekend, but look out for her in July and August as she is making her way back to the start line again at Swim Across the Lake in Kelowna on July 17th and the Challenge Half Iron in Penticton August 30th!!

This was Shirley’s very first Half Ironman finish and she kicked butt in her Half Iron debut!! I think she may also has the long distance bug too! Her smile and emotion post race was so contagious I am still grinning from ear to ear every time I see her face at the finish line! Talk about endorphins!! I spoke with her last night and she said she is still on a high from the race!  Now that is what it is all about!  Feeling like that after accomplishing something you never thought possible is the best feeling ever!


Unfortunately I did not get a post race picture with Sommer and Charlene. I will get you at the next race girls!!  I am totally beaming with pride and happiness for all of you beautiful women!! So very proud and in awe of your determination, strength, and perseverance throughout training and your race!


In My Happy Place!

The last few weeks have been exactly how I imagined my new and improved multisport company to be!  I am so full of energy and cannot wait to see how my first training and racing season in Whistler will unfold.  I have to keep pinching myself to see if I am dreaming and I am definitely wide-awake!

May long weekend had me contracting out my coaching services to TaG Cycling for their very first Ironman Canada Whistler training camp.  There were 14 women from Whistler, Vancouver, and Seattle participating.

Friday night meet and greet we discussed the most important forth discipline of Triathlon.. Nutrition!!  We chatted about nutrition strategies during training, race day, and most importantly post training and racing nutrition for recovery to build back our depleted glycogen stores so that we area ready to tackle the next training session.  Lots of information and ideas were shared with everyone having an amazing amount of knowledge and ideas on how they would master their race day nutrition and hydration plans.

Saturday morning we broke off into groups and headed out on an epic Whistler-Pemberton Meadows-Whistler adventure! 115km of pure sunshine, some winds, huge smiling faces and a few boxes ticked off the bucket list were done for some of our riders.  The climb back from Pemby has become the most feared over the last few years in the minds of some triathletes and I think we were able to show the riders that they were A LOT stronger than they thought they thought they were!  Below is a Strava link to our ride.

Saturday evening we met at the start of the IMC run course.  Just as we were about to chat all about transitioning from bike to run, the skies erupted with the largest and loudest thunder and lightning storm I have ever seen!  We quickly quashed the chat and sent off into the Lost Lake trails for a torrential downpour 5km run on the first section of the course.

Sunday was calling for 70% chance of rain showers and boy did it shower!  The group was a little smaller as some were only “fair weather riders” and decided to pull out of our climb to Callaghan!  Below is the Strava link. The ride had us definitely climbing and descending slower than we normally would have as the rains were pelting down on us and we took caution of keeping everyone safe!

A big shout out to Lesley Tomlinson of TaG Cycling for keeping our bellies full post rides and to all the amazing new friends I met, it was an epic May long!

Audrey’s training Sherpa services continues on and was super fortunate to have a little 1:1 swim-bike-run session with my beautiful athlete Sommer!  We were blessed with an amazingly warm, windy, and hilly ride followed by an epic swim session!

Thanks to Shawn and his swim support with the new addition to our family!!! Jimmy Styks you are the best!! Having a paddle board for swim instruction was number one on my list of things to acquire for my swim coaching.  I have an amazing advantage point up above the athlete and video footage is amazing for athlete feedback.  The rest of the family are super stoked as well, as who doesn’t love a little SUP!!

Monday, I had another 1:1 training session with my local athlete and friend, Amy, who is training for the Gravenhurst Olympic distance Triathlon in Ontario on July 18th!!  We started the morning off at Lakeside Park streamlining Amy’s transitions and then we set off for Amy’s very first open water swim! EVER!! She did amazing and have I ever mentioned that I absolutely LOVE open water swimming, and I love helping others find the joy as well.  There is a TON of fear when it comes to open water and my #1 open water swim tip is GET IN THE WATER AND SWIM!!!! The more time you spend in open water in all conditions, the less anxiety you will have when swimming and racing in the open water.  Of course there are a ton of other ideas as well and lots has been published on how to calm the nerves in the swim leg of a triathlon.

There are only a few days left until the first race of the season with the Victoria 70.3 on June 14th!! Stay tuned for photos and  race reports!


Welcome to my freshly updated website and blog! I had to retire the old blog as I received a big thumbs up to change my company name to Perseverance Multisport Coaching. Along with my company name change was our family relocating to Whistler, BC, home of Ironman Canada! Ah yeah.. it was a no brainer for us to move here from Comox.

Whistler was on our minds since 2012 when Ironman Canada officially announce it’s departure from Penticton and was relocating the race to Whistler in 2013. Coaching has become my passion over the last 5 years and I wanted to make a go at becoming more than just an online, personal coach to triathletes. Having the opportunity to live in the hometown of IMC gave me the idea of becoming a “race course Sherpa” of sorts. I love swimming-biking-running and I love sharing the triathlon lifestyle with everyone that loves the multisport life as well. My idea of leading individual or group swims in Alta Lake, rides on the IMC bike course, and runs on the IMC run course gave me hundreds of ideas for expanding my company.

Check out the car decals and bumper stickers! So excited! I have my first client coming up this weekend for 1:1 personal coaching in all things swim-bike-run!

The weather has been absolutely spectacular in Whistler and the athletes are showing up in the 100’s! Farmers Almanac is prediction a long hot dry summer! This will make for some pretty spectacular training sessions out there on course!