June 2, 2015 Audrey


Welcome to my freshly updated website and blog! I had to retire the old blog as I received a big thumbs up to change my company name to Perseverance Multisport Coaching. Along with my company name change was our family relocating to Whistler, BC, home of Ironman Canada! Ah yeah.. it was a no brainer for us to move here from Comox.

Whistler was on our minds since 2012 when Ironman Canada officially announce it’s departure from Penticton and was relocating the race to Whistler in 2013. Coaching has become my passion over the last 5 years and I wanted to make a go at becoming more than just an online, personal coach to triathletes. Having the opportunity to live in the hometown of IMC gave me the idea of becoming a “race course Sherpa” of sorts. I love swimming-biking-running and I love sharing the triathlon lifestyle with everyone that loves the multisport life as well. My idea of leading individual or group swims in Alta Lake, rides on the IMC bike course, and runs on the IMC run course gave me hundreds of ideas for expanding my company.

Check out the car decals and bumper stickers! So excited! I have my first client coming up this weekend for 1:1 personal coaching in all things swim-bike-run!

The weather has been absolutely spectacular in Whistler and the athletes are showing up in the 100’s! Farmers Almanac is prediction a long hot dry summer! This will make for some pretty spectacular training sessions out there on course!