June 29, 2015 Audrey

It’s Training Camp Time!!!

Today is the beginning of that big fat training week that everyone dreads heading into an Ironman distance race..  The best part of PEAK week is that you know after this week is done and in the books, the taper begins and you are on the home stretch!.. Right?!!

For me, because I have been training and racing Ironman distance events for the last 10 years, this week is bitter sweet for me.  It marks the end of the big hours before race day and really I love training.  I love the endurance miles and how it keeps me strong and feeling young.  I don’t want this week to end.. So my advice to everyone this week, embrace and enjoy this week and soak it all in!! This week is truly hard and depending on the elements, it can make the week that much more tough if you are dealing with heat, winds, rain, etc.  Try not to think negative, push all those dark thoughts away! Find the joy and enjoy the journey and put it all into perspective.  Try to get as many athletes as you can together to train side by side, remind each other how strong we are and remember to take in the scenery around you. On race day, you will literally blink and the day will be over.

There are millions of people in this world that would give anything to be in your shoes… To have the freedom to participate in sport and to participate without fear of war, famine, rules, restrictions, disabilities, illness, time, financial limitations.. The list is endless!  You are participating because YOU CAN!!  When you are feeling those dark places creeping in think of how truly blessed you are and stop looking at the numbers on the watch, or in training peaks, or on your Garmin and look around you while you are swimming in that lake, riding on that bike course, and running in those trails just how incredibly beautiful our training world is!!..  Trust me! By the time race week comes and goes and it’s Monday morning after the race you will be wishing you had not been so focused on race day and had enjoyed the journey just a little more.

So if you are wondering what to do this week.. Starting Friday I will be out on the Ironman Canada, Whistler race course holding the last training camp before taper starts!  I will be your training Sherpa for 3 full days of swimming in Alta Lake, riding the Sea to Sky corridor, and running on our infamous valley trails where the official run course takes place.

If you are interested in attending my final training camp, message me and I will give you the details!