June 28, 2015 Audrey

There is Nothing Like Training Support!

It takes a community to train an Ironman athlete!


Today I was so fortunate to have my middle son accompany me on my long run through the humid, hot, west coast trails on the IMC Whistler run course.  Initially Nathan thought we were going to be gone just over two hours.. He was just home from working in 39’C weather and really just wanted to be still and chill.  Instead his mom talked him into being her training Sherpa for a couple hours, carrying a camel back full of fluids, Honey Stinger gummies, and some BASE Salts.

As we made our way through the run course route, I gradually had him convinced into staying with me for the full three hours.. A little sharing of my Honey Stingers might of helped keep him with me!  When I told him we were at the 21km mark he could not believe how fast time flew.  He was amazed at the endless trail system and was introduced to ‘new to him’ trails and hidden swimming holes that he had no idea existed!

The never ending Valley Trail is truly
Whistler’s most spectacular training mecca for all athletes and their families to enjoy riding, running, strolling, animal watching, creek swimming, you name it!!  We passed by athletes and their families enjoying the rushing glacier fed creeks, lush deep green forests, Lost Lake swimming hole, three amazing golf courses, an amazing campground, beautiful chalet homes, River of Golden Dreams, it was truly breathtaking. And the views!! There is nothing like it!


Starting tomorrow, I start the last BIG week of training hours for IMC and then I will start to taper down to race day on July 26th! The countdown is on!!